Cycling in the Piedmont Alps

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Transformation begins when ordinary ends

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Alter Exploration crafts challenging, transformative cycling journeys in some of the world’s most stunning destinations.

What we do is all in our name. First, our journeys are meant to be challenging—you’ll alter your character, confidence, and resiliency in small but significant ways. 

Second, our trips are intended to be all-terrain tours on alternative routes. Pavement, gravel, dirt, grass… 

Finally, our journeys are an exploration of both the destination and yourself—change your perception of what’s possible while simultaneously experiencing a stunning landscape.

Enter Alter’s comfort zone by leaving your own—and be altered.


*We always field custom requests. Please contact us if you would like to build a trip at a specific time of year or in a particular location that isn’t listed below.

Our Guiding Mantra

A mantra is a powerful tool used to focus your mind on a particular goal and create calm during challenging situations. Our mantra?

  • Transformation begins when ordinary ends.

This mantra isn’t meant to be intimidating. On the contrary, it should be thrilling. For many people, everyday life is filled with convenience, monotony, and a lack of time spent in nature. Alter Exploration facilitates the opposite: challenging, invigorating, life-altering experiences in the natural world.

Start daydreaming

A transformative journey awaits you in the Dolomites, Alps, Iceland,
Colorado, Switzerland, and beyond.

Cycling in the Piedmont Alps

Dream Big, Dream Often

We wholeheartedly believe the research that says daydreaming makes us healthier and smarter people. Setting goals, making plans, and imagining yourself in faraway lands has endless benefits.

Sign up below and we’ll help you daydream about that next adventure, in the Dolomites, Iceland, Switzerland, Colorado, as well as new destinations we will launch in the near future.

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From the Mouths of the Altered

If I wasn’t happy in my marriage, I would divorce my wife and marry Chris because he knows exactly how to make me happy—riding bikes all day in glorious places.
Chris has taught me an appreciation for beautiful places, and I expect that will continue for a long time into the future. He’s taught me how to ride in a way that honors my limits and still pushes them—something that I now apply to many aspects of my life.
Richard Banfield
I feel eternally grateful for Chris, who has taken me to places where my heart becomes full—because of the place, the people, and his passion. You get one chance at this thing called life. Get after it. And let Chris take you to your happiest place.
Kristin Weber
That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life—I’m not kidding. Best.
Dan Park