Bikepacking in Iceland

Viking BIKING Iceland

A transformative gravel cycling exploration of Iceland awaits.

Rugged coastlines, roaring waterfalls, emerald green grasses, and bleak, black volcanic sands—Iceland is a country of contrasts, all of which make it one of the most incredible landscapes on earth to traverse on a gravel bike.

Ridden as either a bikepacking journey or as day rides from our accommodation, we’ll traverse through this stunning scenery on everything from packed dirt roads to chunky, desolate gravel, on staggering climbs and snaking pavement.

Sleep under the midnight sun, eat fermented shark meat (or not!), pedal along as Arctic waterfowl drift beside you, and traverse this magical island in the North Atlantic. Are you ready for a cycling adventure of a lifetime?

What’s Included, Pricing, & Dates

  • Given the demanding nature of cycling (and especially bikepacking) in such a challenging landscape, a custom itinerary will take into account desired daily mileage, remoteness, number of nights spent camping vs. in guesthouses, and so forth.
  • The goal will be a 7-14 day itinerary, expertly guided days over challenging and mind-blowing terrain, and nights spent under the stars (or in guesthouses).
  • Through discussions, a detailed route and logistics plan will be built to the specifications of the group or individuals on the journey.


Prices start at $4,500 per person for a seven-day tour.

Because Alter’s tours are always customized, final pricing takes a conversation. Once you’ve submitted an application, Alter will be in touch to discuss ideas and options that fit you (and/or your group), before preparing a formal proposal with final pricing and itinerary.

2024 Dates*

  • JULY 16-29 (Reserved)
  • If you are interested in other dates, or would like to shorten or extend any of the listed dates, please contact Alter.

Start daydreaming

Explore the rugged beauty and stark grandeur of Iceland. Are you ready to redefine what’s possible?

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to and from the destination
  • Meals will be highly variable. Flexibility and the ability to consume large quantities of Snickers to survive is essential. (That’s a joke. Sort of.)
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Our local knowledge means you’ll always have a partner to help you find that next Snickers bar, problem-solve for bike or gear repairs, and find restaurants throughout your journey.

The film: Alt-ring iceland

In the summer of 2021, our founder, Chris Case, and his riding partner Matt circumnavigated Iceland in 13 days, traversing some 200 kilometers a day (watch the video below). Their lap of the island embodied cycling grit and a love of exploration.

The film will give you a taste of the type of scenery, terrain, and weather conditions you’ll experience in Iceland. Because our trips are custom, you can choose to take a similar excursion, riding the entire loop, or opt for a smaller taste.

The film was created as part of a series called the N1 Challenge, created by Fast Talk Labs, which Chris cofounded in 2019. The premise was that every endurance athlete is an experiment of one. The series asked the question: “What can we learn from four riders as they prepare for epic challenge rides?”

Watch and learn what Chris discovered. Then consider what you’ll learn on your version of Alt-Ring Iceland.

Important Things to Note

  • This is a demanding journey. You will be tested by the terrain, the elements, and the logistics. Be honest when filling out the application.
  • A gravel/all-road bike is required for this trip. It should be equipped with a minimum of 38mm “fast-rolling” gravel tires. Come with a large range of gears, whether compact chainrings and an 11-30+ cassette, or a single-ring setup with at least a 1:1 low gear.
  • Given the challenge of this tour, it is limited to 4 guests unless special arrangements have been made.
  • Because of the remote nature of Iceland, meals can be more difficult to come by than in other parts of the world. Flexibility and the ability to consume large quantities of Snickers to survive is essential.
  • Read our FAQs for more information on Alter trips.
  • Read our Terms & Conditions for more information on payment and cancellation policies.

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Matt Roy in Iceland