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In addition to being a lifelong competitive cyclist (and runner), Chris has been involved in athlete development, endurance training, sports psychology, and physiology education for over a decade.

He began reporting on the science of endurance training when he was managing editor of VeloNews, where he co-hosted the Fast Talk podcast. He then cofounded Fast Talk Labs, an endurance training knowledge base and virtual performance center.

He continues to write about training principles, sports psychology, and the science of endurance for both Fast Talk Labs and Strava. He regularly consults with athletes on goal-setting and training principles, as well as bikepacking/ultra-cycling event preparation and equipment choice.

If you would like to work with Chris on your own athletic development—goal-setting, performance psychology, equipment choice, or race plan—please schedule a consultation. 


Chris has published countless articles, on topics ranging from training principles to sports psychology, from bikepacking equipment to climbing technique. Find a selection below.

Chris also co-authored The Haywire Heart, the first book to explore the relationship between long-term endurance athletics and heart health.

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Chris Case

A Case for Suffering (an experiential column)

I created my column, “A Case for Suffering,” while I was managing editor of VeloNews. It allowed me to be an experiment of one: to challenge myself in such a way as to learn, grow, and—yes—suffer for the sake of a good story. As I prefaced this series: Sometimes the ride is motivation enough, but sometimes our relationship with suffering is what pulls us onto the saddle.

  1. The Quest Begins
  2. When Epic Isn’t Enough
  3. Climbing the Inclined Plane
  4. Finding Flanders
  5. The Never-Ending Math Equation
  6. Zinn and the Art of Connection
  7. Climbing up the Walls
  8. Welcome to the Jungle
  9. The Iron Lollipop
  10. Made in Taiwan
  11. The Heroic