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In addition to being the founder of Alter Exploration, I am a journalist and book author. My work has been published in VeloNews, Outside, Adventure Cyclist, Bicycling, Popular Mechanics, and many others. I also work with several brands, including Shimano, Mosaic, Castelli, and Strava.

From 2012-2020, I was the managing editor of VeloNews magazine, and then the editorial director for Fast Talk Labs and The Paleo Diet.

I have co-authored two books: The Haywire Heart is the first book to explore the relationship between long-term endurance athletics and heart health. 100 Years Up High: Colorado Mountains and Mountaineers celebrates the Colorado mountains and the history mountaineering, conservation, and art of the Rocky Mountains.

I specialize in experiential narratives of adventure, challenge, and suffering, and stories that explore the intersection of science and endurance. Below are some highlights of my published work, including video and podcast appearances.


Chris Case with Mosaic GT-1X

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Chris Case

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A Case for Suffering (an experiential column)

I created my column, “A Case for Suffering,” while I was managing editor of VeloNews. It allowed me to be an experiment of one: to challenge myself in such a way as to learn, grow, and—yes—suffer for the sake of a good story. As I prefaced this series: Sometimes the ride is motivation enough, but sometimes our relationship with suffering is what pulls us onto the saddle.

  1. The Quest Begins
  2. When Epic Isn’t Enough
  3. Climbing the Inclined Plane
  4. Finding Flanders
  5. The Never-Ending Math Equation
  6. Zinn and the Art of Connection
  7. Climbing up the Walls
  8. Welcome to the Jungle
  9. The Iron Lollipop
  10. Made in Taiwan
  11. The Heroic