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Run Boulder’s best trails with professional ultrarunner Hillary Allen

The small endurance-sports epicenter of Boulder, on Colorado’s Front Range, is a trail running paradise. There are grand vistas, dense forests, canyons, solitude, space—the ingredients of the finest mountain runs.

With the snow-capped Rockies as our backdrop, we’ll explore the most famous trails right from town, as well as some of the classic high Alpine loops in the nearby Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

Hillary “HillyGoat” Allen will be there every step of the way. Early in her career, she earned the nickname “HillyGoat” for her love of the uphill and her ability to run fast on steep, technical mountain terrain. Since she won the US SkyRunner Series in 2014 in her debut ultra-trail running season, she has raced all over the world.

But Hillary calls Boulder home, and she’s excited to partner with her friend, Alter Exploration founder Chris Case, to host this incredible camp. The two of them have been exploring Colorado’s trails for over 20 years. They have selected the best of the best for this mountain camp—they love nothing better than showing off their home town.

September 25-29, 2024

What’s Included & Pricing

  • Five days of expertly guided runs over everything from manicured trails to technical, high alpine terrain. Hillary and Chris will be with you every step of the way!
  • Evening discussions on training principles, nutrition, and mental strength
  • Special treats from our sponsors, including Brooks, HydraPak, The Feed, and more
  • Two group dinners (Sept. 25 and 28) at some of Boulder’s best restaurants
  • Optional: Five nights accommodations in Boulder (Sept. 24-29; please specify when registering)


$2,300 per person (without accommodations)
$3,400 per person (with accommodations in Boulder)

Five Days of Boulder’s Best Trails

Hillary and Alter Exploration founder Chris Case will guide you during each day of the camp. The two of them have run all over the world—and Boulder ranks at the top of their list of favorite places to run. They are excited to showcase the beauty and challenge of their home town.

Below is the tentative schedule for the trip. A final itinerary will be created and distributed the week before the trip, with consideration for the weather and composition of the group.

All routes are subject to change.

Day 1

  • We’ll start by exploring one of Boulder’s most famous climbs—Green Mountain via Gregory Canyon.
  • 5.5 miles, 2,500 feet of elevation gain
  • Evening discussion on training principles and/or strength class with Hillary
  • Group dinner

Day 2

  • Let’s take it up a notch, and run across the sky. Today we’ll traverse most of the famous Boulder Skyline, some 14 miles of the best of Boulder’s trails.
  • 14 miles, 4,450 feet of elevation gain
  • Evening discussion on nutrition for ultras

Day 3

  • Today we tackle one of the most popular and fun routes in Boulder, climbing atop Mount Sanitas via Lion’s Lair. Save something for tomorrow!
  • 5.6 miles, 1,300 feet of elevation gain
  • Evening discussion on performance psychology

Day 4

  • Today is the big one: The High Lonesome Loop is one the most iconic high alpine runs of the Front Range. Unforgettable scenery at altitude. (Weather dependent)
  • 15.1 miles, 3,500 feet of elevation gain
  • Group dinner

Day 5

  • Feeling smashed and satisfied? Good, that’s why you came. It’s a great day to take an easy jog and gaze at the mountains you’ve been exploring all week. Our first option will be the Anemone Loop right from town.
  • 3.9 miles, 860 feet of elevation gain
Hillary Allen

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to and from the destination
  • Transfers between airport and lodging (there is a convenient bus between the airport and Boulder)
  • Breakfasts
  • Our local knowledge means you’ll always have a partner to help you find the perfect café stop, gear shop, and restaurants throughout your stay.

Important Things to Note

  • This trip is intended for experienced trail runners. Before registering, please be honest with yourself about your abilities and fitness.
  • Because of Colorado’s fickle weather, all routes are subject to change. We will make every effort to stay true to the itinerary listed above, though we reserve the right to modify our plans if there are safety concerns.
  • This tour is limited to 10 guests.
  • Read our FAQs for more information on Alter Exploration trips.
  • Read our Terms & Conditions for more information on our payment and cancellation policies.

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