Chris Case and Ben Delaney in front of the Flatirons of Boulder

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The Ride with Ben Delaney


Ride Colorado’s finest cycling routes—paved, gravel, and everything in between—with special guest Ben Delaney, cycling journalist and YouTube personality.

The small endurance-sports epicenter of Boulder, on Colorado’s Front Range, is a cycling paradise. There are grand vistas, dense forests, canyons, solitude, space—the ingredients of the finest rides.

With the snow-capped Rockies as our backdrop, we’ll explore a spider’s web of backroads—paved and gravel, iconic climbs and old mining tracks. They aren’t well trodden—quiet roads are the best roads. And they aren’t straight, which will help you develop a new appreciation for the contours of the land.

Over five days, we’ll cover the best that Boulder has to offer, right out our backdoor. Welcome to Colorado.

What’s Included & Pricing

  • 5 days of expertly guided rides over everything from silky smooth roads to chunky gravel 
  • Two dinners (Wednesday and Saturday nights)
  • All snacks and drinks during our rides
  • Optional: Accommodations in Boulder (let us know in the application if you will find your own lodging, or if you would like us to book you a room)
  • PRICE: $2,000 per person without accommodations; $3,250 with five nights accommodations

FIVE Days of backroads adventure

Our founder, Chris Case, has been exploring Colorado’s backroads for over 20 years. He has pieced together a variety of routes throughout Boulder, Golden, and the neighboring foothills.

Ben Delaney has worked as a full-time cycling journalist since 2000, covering races and gear all over the world. He’s tested hundreds of bikes on the roads and trails near his home in Boulder, Colorado.

Below is the tentative schedule for the week. A final itinerary will be created and distributed the week before the trip, with consideration for the weather and composition of the group. All routes are subject to change.

Day 1

  • We’ll start by exploring some of Boulder’s most famous climbs, including Sunshine Canyon, and gravel favorites, including Logan Mill and Four Mile Canyon.
  • 35 miles, 5,000 feet of elevation gain, 70% dirt (with opportunities to shorten or lengthen the ride)
  • GPX route map

Day 2

  • Ready to climb high? We’ll ride to Brainard Lake (at 10,000 feet) at the edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, the most picturesque portion of the Front Range.
  • 50 miles, 6,775 feet of elevation gain, 25% dirt (can be made shorter or longer)
  • GPX route map

Day 3

  • Need a little respite from the climbing? Boulder has flats too. It’s a great day to spin along the classic Boulder-Roubaix course and gaze at the mountains you’ve been exploring thus far.
  • 42 miles, 1,700 feet of elevation gain, 45% dirt (can be made shorter or longer)
  • GPX route map

Day 4

  • Today is the big one: The Mosaic Monster is a route Chris created for his friends at Mosaic Bicycles. The hardest mile-for-mile ride in Boulder? You decide.
  • 60 miles, 10,500 feet of elevation gain, 55% dirt (can be made shorter or longer)
  • GPX route map

Day 5

  • For our final ride, we’ll cool our jets and take an easy spin, as time allows. Pastries anyone?

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to and from the destination
  • Transfers between airport and lodging (there is a convenient bus between the airport and Boulder)
  • Breakfasts
  • Our local knowledge means you’ll always have a partner to help you find the perfect café stop, bike shop for gear or repairs, and restaurants throughout your stay.

Start daydreaming

Copious amounts of climbing, Rocky Mountain vistas, and peaceful solitude.

Important Things to Note

  • A gravel/all-road bike fitted with 38c tires would be a great choice, since we’ll be riding a bit of everything, from smooth pavement to chunky gravel. More questions about tire and equipment choice? Hit us up when you apply.
  • Bring a bike equipped with a large range of gears—at least 1:1, but preferably more.
  • This tour is limited to 8 guests.
  • Read our FAQs for more information on Alter trips.
  • Read our Terms & Conditions for more information on our payment and cancellation policies.

Let the Transformation begin

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